Hyperloop Company plans R&D Facility in France

The other Hyperloop company; Hyperloop Transportation Technologies or HTT, is finally planning to open a physical test office – in France.

HTT a Los Angeles based crowdfunded venture will build a test office in Toulouse, France, Business Insider reported. The city of Toulouse is giving the facility at Francazal Airport, a disused military base.

The 38,000 square foot building will be used to build models of HTT’s technology, TechCrunch reported. Once the prototypes are built they will be tested on an empty portion of the airport.

Toulouse in the heart of Aviation Valley where the French aviation industry is centered, and Airbus is headquartered. So it is a reliable territory for the first Hyperloop office in Europe. France’s national railroad the SNCF has shown interest for Hyperloop and invested in Hyperloop One, so there is interest for the thought in that nation.

This is a big deal for HTT which does not have a physical test and production office, although of the way that it has apparently raised $31.8 million cash. The company has plans to build a Hyperloop test office at Quay Valley; a real estate technology in California’s Central Valley however nothing has happened to that.

HTT Plans Hyperloop Test Next Year

Instead almost everything that HTT has accomplished has been online with engineering and design work contributed by volunteers. It also has some land use rights contributed by real estate developers. Starting at now HTT has 50 teams of developers in 38 countries with more than 800 members.

Even though it has no working technology, HTT has a agreement with the city of Bratislava, Slovakia to collect a Hyperloop system between that community and Brno in the Czech Republic. HTT has an impressive website in which it cases to have Microsoft, Facebook, Leybold, UCLA, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Purdue University and MIT as accessories.

The HTT website claims it will start technology of its business system this year and start testing it next year. Since the company has no working technology it is hard to see what they will be testing.

HTT is losing the Hyperloop Race

HTT is lagging far behind its hometown competitor Hyperloop One in the race to develop the super- fast train in a tube technology. Hyperloop One has an extraordinary headquarters in downtown Las Angeles, a test track at the Apex Industrial Park in North Las Vegas, Nevada, and a factory in North Las Vegas.

Hyperloop One held the f first public demonstration of its technology last May and plans the first full scale of Hyperloop in April in North Las Vegas. If that was deficient Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd might want to have three working Hyperloop systems up and running by 2021.

Some bit of the reason driving why Hyperloop One is winning the race is clear it has more money. The Unicorn could acquire $108 million in venture capital in December. It is also conducting a global challenge to see which of 35 proposed Hyperloop routes will get a feasibility study. A half dozen finalists for the new Hyperloop routes will be chosen after public presentations in February, March and April.

The Hyperloop race is warming up. One has to wonder if HTT can overcome Hyperloop One’s lead and get a system up and running. Hopefully they can because competition will get this transportation solution built faster.

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