Life Seemed Good, But…. A Collection of Short Quirky Stories


An collection  of very short, clever tragic stories with capricious endings. Committed to every one of the individuals who watched somebody endure with malignancy or any genuine disease. It’s a photo of life as saw by a rich exhibit of characters, talking creatures, and the creator’s curved impression of reality. Evaluated PG13 for medication references, cartoon brutality, terrible jokes, and against amusingness. Contains an abundance of concealed trivia. Diversion creator Richard Bell presents us here with his multi-layered arrangement of short stories. The stories begin guiltlessly enough and some expand upon each other with shrouded associations. He additionally gives us little tips to make our lives all the more fascinating. Take after the voyages of Spud, the insidious potato, the creator and his misfortunes with aluminium thwart, a porcupine named Timmy who comes to believe he’s a specialist, and youthful siblings Scooter and Biff, to give some examples who live in this comical world. A large portion of the stories originate from Bell’s magazine section entitled Modern Fables distributed in Wassup Local Magazine (Chicago land range). He initially began writing in 2004 when he was laid off from his occupation not long after his better half got leukaemia, and this was his treatment. A segment of the returns from book deals is being given to Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science for tumour research.

About  Author : Richard Bell

I have been writing a column entitled ‘Modern Fables’ since 2008 for Wassup Local magazine, which is distributed from Chicago to Milwaukee and all counties in between. I’m a writer and musician with an unusual sense of humour. I am originally from Chicago, married, and residing in Wisconsin. While some kids had to be funny so other kids would like them, I had to be funny so my parents would like me.


Review by: Gary Brandt
An interesting collection of stories that force you to think deeply about their meaning. The connections to real life are there, and you will have a good time trying to connect the dots. The stories are just the right length. Clearly entertaining, in a different way, it will become as easy of a read as you want it to be.

Review by: terry pawelko
LIFE SEEMED GOOD, BUT…,is a wonderful and quirky collection of short stories that entertains and fascinates at the same time. Am easy to read that always brings a smile to my face.

Review by: Richard Sanders
I’ve never read anything quite like LIFE SEEMED GOOD, BUT…, and I mean that in a good way. Certain comparisons almost come to mind: Mark Twain on mushrooms? Garrison Keillor with food poisoning? Maybe, but those examples don’t really capture the special, twisted magic of Richard Bell’s universe or his unique way of seeing things.

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